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“Listening to Samsara, you would think these young men were well into adulthood However, you would also be surprised to learn that every member of this blossoming band is under 20! Though young, Samsara’s musical talent is already leagues beyond their peers, and on par with many musicians their senior. It is surreal to listen to Samsara while also imagining them getting ready for school the next day. They are already writing original singles that will have you on your feet and feeling 18 again.”  Live Music Favorites  

“Interview with SAMSARA: ‘I feel like our sound is constantly changing’ “ In The Bucket Playlist

“ Samsara showcase their innovativeness as a group. I’ve said that some music can be described but to enjoy it is to listen and feel the song – ‘Nevermind’ is a “feel song”.”  The Otherside Reviews


“Channelling a bold and heady mix of classic and contemporary rock influences, 'NEVERMIND' makes for a blistering introduction to the band's sound. Filled with anthemic riffs, thunderous production, and killer hooks throughout, play this one loud and let the rhythm take you away."  Mystic Sons-Getting To Know...


“SAMSARA are a band with vivacity. The track gives an impassioned performance from all involved and gives the impression of a band much more senior.” Music Review: NEVER MIND, Young Creative Press


“Their sound combines a deadly concoction of grungy undertones and modern contemporary rock sound.” New Music Discoveries, Chalkpit Records 


“It's a high energy grunge mixed with modern rock sounds...” Eat This Rock 


 "As young as they are, Samsara is a band that is musically heavier and overall more challenging than their genre contemporaries." Tuned Loud